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Why Leverage4Data?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The image contains the Leverage4Data Logo on a blue background. The Icon is a mashup of an L, a 4 and a D.

Leverage4Data is a name that represents our company’s vision to help manufacturing companies provide high quality parts, on time and on budget. I’m going to break down the title to describe it’s meaning.

LEVER: A lever is one of the 6 simple machines: inclined plane, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, wedge and lever. We have a customer centric approach to products and service, which means making things simple and easy to use.

LEVERAGE: Our goal is to help provide our customers with a competitive advantage. The first product is an application to help our customers implement new manufacturing business. We make sure that those first parts are made correctly and on time, with all the correct documentation and data for their customers.

4: The fourth industrial revolution is the combination of the digital, the physical and biological worlds, changing the way we do work. Our solutions are cloud based, which means collaborating can happen for remote workers, supplier and customers.

DATA: In my opinion, data is the greatest commodity that exists. Data enables good decisions. Data helps people solve problems. With enough data, it can be prescriptive and predictive. With data, companies can differentiate themselves.

Our company name embodies our culture and vision into a single name. It provides a solid foundation for our brand.

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