About Us

Leverage4Data is a Software as a Service company, focused on providing web-based solutions to manufacturing companies. Our debut product, Guild, is a platform to collaborate with customers on new part introductions, ensuring requirements are met. Leverage4Data, LLC. was created on June 11, 2020.

The company’s mission is to provide manufacturing businesses with affordable, easy to use software solutions with integrated analytics. Being a new company, with solid agile processes and an intense customer focus, you’ll see solutions available quickly with new features. Our first prototype addresses the challenges in a post COVID world - qualifying new suppliers as strategies shift from low cost to risk based.



Sara Hanks, CEO

Sara is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt who is a passionate believer of digital transformation and the benefits it provides to improve manufacturing businesses. With 20 years of experience in industry and nearly 9 years of digital transformation experience, she has seen it all. She’s trail-blazed the path for a major manufacturing company to convert all of its quality processes into digital applications, and layered analytics in order to extract value. She has spoken at 3 conferences, including the ASQ Conference in Fort Worth, 2019.

Follow her adventure on Twitter @SaraHanks16.

Chenny Langness, CTO

Chenny is an engineer that sees the value of applying data and analytics to just about everything, from new design to process improvement. With a unique background in mechanical engineering, sensors and harnesses, data analytics, and application development, he enjoys finding where the physical and digital intersect. He strives to find new ways to help others succeed through the application of analytics.