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Employee Engagement Using MS Teams

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

We probably won't get to put our hands in the center with our team like the image below for quite some time. Fortunately, with today's tools, engaging with employees can still be

accomplished. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform with many features, including syncing with SharePoint for file storage. There are so many features that it can be a challenge to figure out which ones to leverage. Here are some best practices that Leverage4Data has complied to use with your employees.

7 Tips on Using Microsoft Teams

1) Create a Team for your organization within the company.

2) Add a planner section to the teams page. Use this to track action items from staff meetings and other operating rhythms.

3) Add categories to the planner section to help sort and execute actions.

4) For collaboration remotely, use a power point file in a teams folder. Even when sharing, the entire team can add content to a ppt page. This is great for brainstorming.

5) Use a Wiki to organize staff meeting content and reference material. I've used this to create a newsletter for my team, which we review during staff.

6) Avoid using OneNote. It is great to capture notes, but not efficient to extract insights from later.

7) For meetings, use the chat function to share content with a group of people. The chat's history can be used to refer back to the conversation later.

What are some best practices you have developed during the pandemic?

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