At Leverage4Data, we help manufacturers like yours eliminate waste in the part qualification process.


As soon as a request for quote comes in, sourcing creates a project to track communication and assign requirements to any suppliers.

All of the changes are available later in the process so New Product Engineering has visibility and can better support Quality during the first time part validation.

When first time parts are inspected and ready for customer approval, all documentation can be nicely packaged and sent to the customer.

Full visibility to the new product introduction process allows for faster cycle times and shorter times to market.

Product Features


Built in Amazon Web Services, we leverage the expertise of others to ensure your data is secure.


Success happens when everyone is on the same page. By allowing in-project commenting, you can communicate why you changed something or the current status.

Easy to Use

Quality software should help with process time, not just part quality, so we designed the application to minimize any needed training time.

Action Items

Things will need to be addressed through the new product process. Action items allow you to make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for.

History Tracking

Change happens. We make sure you can see who changed what and when to help make sure you have the complete picture - while removing the clutter.


Why spend time creating the same five requirements for your customer? With templates, you can re-use requirements.


This product is about you and your customer. With that in mind, we ensure that you can add what you need to your project requirements.


With built in feedback and feature requests, we make sure that if there is something that you need that is missing that we can know about it.


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