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Eliminate nonvalue add time managing vendors so you can focus on strategic sourcing.

In manufacturing, procuring parts is not as simple as placing a purchase order and a truck of parts shows up on time. Many other activities take place: first article inspections, material tests, deviations, receiving quotes, managing parts through multiple suppliers. Stop wasting time managing this in email and sign up for Guild today!

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Connected Quality 

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Make supplier inspection data available, actionable and auditable.

Connect with your supply chain directly to discover defects at the source and eliminate them early, even when your parts flow to multiple suppliers. Commenting and action items provide true collaboration.



Eliminate non-value add waiting in the process and deliver parts on-time.

Workflow, email notifications when action is required, as well as operational dashboards and reports reduce queue time in the process, improving the cycle time.

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Improve supplier performance through continuous improvement.

Measure supplier performance of first article inspections and ongoing monitoring with scorecards. Reduce supplier defects through corrective action.



Compile key decisions throughout the life cycle of each part procured.

Document supplier requirements and deviation approvals from the initial quote through to the part delivery, a true digital twin.



Send requests to multiple suppliers at once. Escalations available to remind suppliers to quote, or choose not to. Suppliers can only see their data.


Define requirements, capture data and review all part qualifications and first article inspections through a collaborative workflow.


Create inspection points for suppliers to provide data for review, to avoid discovering late defects. This works in complex supply chains too!


Root cause analysis and corrective actions help prevent recurrence of defects. This module integrates with all other modules.


Manage material substitutions and other deviation requests and approvals anytime during the process, from quote to production.


Suppliers upload material test reports for approval prior to manufacturing. Launch a deviation request from the material test report module.


The Dashboard provides visibility to the status of First Article Inspections, Supplier Monitoring,  and Corrective Actions. 

Product Features


Cyber protection is #1. Our applications are built in Amazon Web Services, ensuring data is secure. An ITAR compliant option is available.


Team alignment is critical to project success. With in-project commenting, the application centralizes communication, keeping teams aligned.

Easy to Use

Quality software should help with process time and part quality, so the application  is designed to minimize any needed training time.

Action Items

Action items provide accountability. Assigned action items are presented on your dashboard, with history available.

History Tracking

Change happens. We include tracking so you can see who changed what and when, for a robust and complete audit trail.


Templates are provided to reuse requirements for suppliers or specific parts. Project requirements are simplified.


Our product is about you and your suppliers. We provide flexibility to ensure your workflows manage suppliers to your standards.


We embrace feedback. We welcome suggestions and will incorporate your requests into customized applications and integrations.


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